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Parents may not want to differentiate between their daughters and sons, trying to bring them up equally. Equally yes, but they definitely have to bring them up differently. It is almost as though nature has determined the roles for the children. Girls naturally gravitate towards dolls, kitchen sets and games that involve themes like home, family and fashion. Boys on the other are naturally attracted to cars, trucks, trains and aeroplanes. To cater to these varied demands the toy market is full of toys for both girls and boys. If we were to look at the car toys for kids, we notice that every boy would have a box full of small toys, the little hot wheels which he drives around the house pushing them all over the floors on his hands and knees. No self respecting boy would leave the house without one of these little cars in his pocket. These cars were compared with others and sometimes even traded. So Many Cars Apart from these kids car toys, the boys have the bigger cars, the racing cars, the sports cars and every variety of car. These car toys for kids are a matter of pride…to own, to play with and to show off. The little boys also have their ride-ons that are cars. They take them around the house or outdoors for a spin. If a toddler has a car, he will spend all his waking hours in it, even preferring to eat sitting there. As he grows older, he would clean it, polish it and treat it special just as Daddy treats his car. The kids car toys become more elaborate for older children. There are the assembly cars which have to be put together and then played with…enhancing the children’s learning abilities. These car toys for kids help develop their analytical skills, their logical thinking and cognitive abilities. It also boosts their self confidence as they display their finished models. Every Boy’s Dream Of course, then there are the racing cars and sports cars that need to have accessories like garages, and race tracks which need to be set up and then car racing can take place. These need major assembling as well as a dedicated space as they cannot be taken down and put away and assembled every day. The favourite kids car toys are of course the remote controlled ones. And these are available in all shapes, sizes and varieties. There are some that are battery operated but are not wireless. Children walk along with the cars around the house. But the best are the ones which are completely remote controlled. The bigger they are, the more powerful they are. Popularized by the movie Home Alone 3, a decade or more ago, it is every little boy’s dream to possess one of those machines and catch the bad guys. The market is big for car toys for kids, as every little boy dreams of having one of those.