Accessorize Your Attire With The Perfect Footwear

Shoes are probably the one accessory that is as important as the garments we wear. Hence, like everything else it should be nothing short of perfect. Our shoes are a reflection of our personality and it only enhances the attire that we put on for a particular occasion. It would be a complete faux pas to wear a shoe that is inappropriate because contrary to what most novices believe, shoes do attract more attention than we think. So for example, as a perfect day wear accompaniment to a brunch with friends, one can pair a nice sundress with a wonderful pair of wedges. They are smart and girly, and at the same time fashionable and comfortable, enabling you to walk for hours at a stretch if needed for that shopping spree with friends. Even ballet flats are a wonderful choice if one is just lazing around on the beach or by a pool. Paio has something on offer for everyone as they understand the need to match shoes with things the girls like as well as for the different occasions that life comes up with. What one has to remember while buying a shoe is its usability as well, especially if one is on a budget. A shoe might look extremely beautiful and artsy on the rack, but perhaps one might not have the need to wear it more than once or twice a year. This is wear a good designer comes in who will be able to guide the buyer about the various kinds of. A simple thing like the height of a heel can go a long way in lending a particular character to the attire and set the mood. Imagine wearing sparkling high heels to a child’s PTM! However, no one said that functional cannot be fashionable and this is where Paio hopes to reinvent the way shoes are looked at in the subcontinent.So make them the centre attraction. Pair them up with a free flowing midi skirt, or bring out your inner boho girl with a pair of shorts and funky top. Don’t forget your eye wear though!