Things To Consider While You Purchase Air Compressor Machines

Air compressors are strictly application-based products. Smaller air compressors are used in a variety of DIY works like painting, polishing whereas bigger air compressor with high power motors is used in various commercial setups like automobile workshops, industries etc, for pneumatic applications. Air Compressors for Painting: Airbrush painting – If you are into airbrush painting which requires very detailed paint spray then with pen-type spray paint guns we would suggest you smaller painting airbrush air compressors which come in 3.5 L capacities. These air compressors are oil-free & soundless and only used for smaller paintwork that requires a lot of precision. Sound Less Oil-Free Air Compressor Features: Works very quiet which is very suitable for applications requires quiet working environments. Good dynamic balance design, meanwhile rubber cushions and rubber feet was also contributing to limit its vibration to a low level. No lubricating oil in the piston and cylinder creating pure air quality. Key parts such as tank, safety valve, pressure switch etc have ASME and CE certifications which make the machine work safely and reliably. Starting up and works fully automatic and can continuously work 24 hours a day, meanwhile, it is very easy to use a machine. High efficiency and low energy consumption due to better design. Cylinders with diamond hardness make sure it is more durable and superior to other air compressors, and the machine is very easy and low costs to maintain. Spray Paint – If you would want to spray paint with bigger spray paint guns over a large area we would suggest you go for air compressors that come with bigger tank capacities which can consistently supply you with a good amount of pressure owing to large tank & bigger motors. From smaller 1 Hp 9 Litre compressors to medium-sized 2 Hp 30 Litre compressors is the ideal range for such work. Various types of spray paint jobs can be done using these machines like Almirah painting, Painting on various metal fabrication structures, wall painting etc. can be done comfortably. Air Compressor in Workshops/Small Industries: Workshop for small-medium vehicles – For such workshops, commercial mini air compressors starting from 50 Litre capacity to up to 150-litre tank capacity can be used. They are normally used to operate various pneumatic impact wrenches that help to open several nut bolts in the vehicles. They are also used to inflate vehicle tyres in several workshops. For large vehicles workshops & Small medium industries – For workshops with large vehicles, one can use compressors up to 225-litre tank capacities to up to depending on the work. Normally large vehicles mean workshops that do the maintenance for large four-wheelers like the SUVs, trucks, etc. Industries which have several pneumatic applications can also go for such air compressors. However, industries at time require more output pressure and hence can opt for double-headed(piston) air compressors. Air Compressor 225L with Head and 5HP Crompton Motor (Double cylinder) Features: Air Compressors comes with a design for maximum efficiency and long term benefits. The internal components meet the most stringent quality norms and undergo various tests to give a perfectly designed and well-engineered product. Tank Inner coated with Asphalt based anti-corrosive paint for longer life. Tank Outer, Fan Cover powder coated for better quality and finish. High-quality bearings used in Crankshaft and Connecting Rod. Filled with High-Quality Mobil Lubricant Side Dish made of 5mm thick plate. Tank made of 4mm thick plate. Aluminium aftercooler for better heat dissipation.