Insanely Pretty Bridal Sarees To Spice Up Your Special Day

Wedding days are something which is special for everyone and they want to make it memorable. They try every possible way so that it becomes the most special day of their lives. Thus, it needs dressing sessions and meticulous preparations. The bride needs to put special attention to their attention as she is the center of attraction on this day. Different types of Indian bridal sarees are available in the market which can be worn on the day. Some of the most popular ones are as follows: Panetar Sarees This is the prominent type of saree worn in the state of Gujarat. It is a tradition that on the wedding day, the maternal uncle has to gift this saree to the bride. This saree has a beautiful color combination of red and white along with golden and silver embellishments. The saree is generally made of pure silk. This saree has a deep red border while the entire saree is white in color. The borders are decorated with zari work and cut dana work. It is even believed that it is an age-old tradition for the Gujaratis to wear Panetar sarees on the wedding day. This gives her a rich and gorgeous look. Kanjeevaram Sarees This saree is also known as Kancheepuram sarees. This is the most popular saree worn by the South Indians on their wedding occasions. The saree has derived its name from the region ‘Kancheepuram’ in Tamil Nadu where it is woven. You can buy all kinds of wedding sarees online . These are made of pure mulberry silk and is often priced high compared to the other types because of it’s copper and gold metallic hues. These sarees are mostly made by the traditional Kanchi weavers. The most common type of Kancheepuram saree worn by the bride is a red Kancheepuram. Banarasi Sarees These sarees are also known as Brocade sarees and come from the city of Varanasi. This is one of the most popular types of saree worn by the North Indians. This is an indispensable part of the wedding season. It is so popular and common among the north Indians that you can even find brocade in kurta, juttis which are a kind of traditional shoes and other such accessories. Some of the variants of Banarasi sarees are; Tissue, Kora silk, Jangla, Tanchoi sarees, etc. Paithani Sarees These sarees origin in the town of Aurangabad which is located in Maharashtra. You can find these sarees mostly in the Marathi wedding occasions and other traditional functions. These are made of high-quality silk and are embellished with colorful borders and zari. You can also get to see patterns made on the sarees inspired by the fauna and flora and Buddhist paintings. Gharchola Sarees This is yet another popular saree from Gujarat. Not only in Gujarat, but it also has its influence in the western parts of Rajasthan. These sarees are also at times worn as a headgear along with Panetar sarees. These sarees are a necessity in most of Gujarati weddings. These sarees are generally made from green and red threads decorated with ornate motifs which are inspired from the flora and fauna of India. One of the major advantages of this saree is that these are light and comfortable to wear yet can give you a rich and gorgeous look. Thus, these were some of the popular designs which can be worn in the Indian wedding occasions.