Do You Know About The New SevenFriday ‘Woody’ Watch?

SevenFriday has been making a lot of noise recently with its knack for the concept of the avant-garde. The watch manufacturer is a new age brand that believes in breaking stereotypes and adopting newer ways to make fine watches. The brand started its journey when CEO Daniel Niederer decided to invest in a company that dealt with product design. The result was a watch that had the promise and scope to revolutionize the watchmaking game and create a completely different genre of watches. Watches from SevenFriday are not your everyday timepiece. These devices are heavily influenced by industrial age designs that will take you right back to the peak of the industrial revolution. What makes this brand so unique is the way it approached the art of horology. Instead of following the footsteps of already established brands, SevenFriday decided to create its own trajectory. The SevenFriday Watch SevenFriday watch collections have a string of common traits that links them all. The timepieces are typical SevenFriday creations with similar features that give them an avant-garde vibe. If you take a look at these watches, at first they will definitely look complicated. The watches have multiple layers of dials, hands, and they do not operate in the way standard watches do. However, if you have patience and take a better look at these timepieces, you will realize that what you have in front of you are time-only devices. The hours and minutes are at the centre, there is a sub-seconds dial, and finally, you have a 24-hour dial. The watches are powered by a Japanese Miyota movement that gives away no sign of inferior performance. One of the most popular references in the brand’s catalogue is the P1 watch. This brings us to the topic of this discussion, the P2B series, also known as the ‘Woody’. The watch has made quite an impression on connoisseurs and enthusiasts and is finding its way to the top of the watchmaking industry. The Woody SevenFriday is a massive brand today with many popular collections selling worldwide. One of these collections is the P2B, commonly referred to as ‘The Woody’. The collection offers watches that take inspiration from the industrial revolution. The latest in this series is the P2B/03-W Woody. The timepiece is made of hand-hammered copper metal, old-school iron tools, and given finesse with wooden joinery. The case shape is the standard rounded square that SevenFriday is known for. The USP of this watch is the wooden layering. The P2B/03-W consists of seven wooden layers beautifully aligned together by Watschinger, a luxury wood joiner based in Italy. The craftsman has an experience of over 60 years in this field and its level of finesse can be clearly seen in the watch. The case of the watch is a regular stainless steel box with dark grey PVD. This is also the first watch from SevenFriday to sport the renowned SuperLuminova on the hour hand and the 12-hour markers. Needless to say, this provides enhanced legibility even in poor lighting conditions. The story does not end here as this SevenFriday timepiece has much to offer. The brand is also providing this reference with an in-built NFC chip that allows the user to check the authenticity of the watch. When it comes to the insides of the watch, the movement offers a Japanese Miyota 82S7 automatic skeleton calibre with a power reserve of up to 40 hours. Last but not least, the strap is a classic tapering oiled leather one that complements the timepiece just perfectly. You have to admit, within the limited time that SevenFriday has had, it has done quite a remarkable job. Starting from manufacturing, assembling, right to marketing and branding, the watchmaker has everything going its way.