Choose a Funeral Urn Model For You

The ashes of the deceased are placed in a columbarium or dispersed according to the wishes of the deceased or his relatives. The ashes of a deceased whose body was cremated are placed in an urn. The funeral parlor offers many models of urns whose price varies according to the size, shape and material used. Most often, they are marble, porcelain or alabaster. There are also hand painted cremation urns in rosewell, ohio made of copper, steel or aluminum. After cremation, the urn can be given to the family, placed in a columbarium where ashes can be scattered in the garden of remembrance. The choice of the type of urn depends mainly on where it will be kept. If the urn is stored in a columbarium or buried in the ground, all materials and models of urns can be used. If the urn must be immersed in water, it must be made of a biodegradable material, either cardboard or molded in sand or salt. Relatives are often in charge of choosing the urn in which one places the ashes of the deceased. Funeral parlors offer models of urns that reflect the personality of the missing loved one. Note that since 2008, it is forbidden to share the ashes of a deceased, they must be kept in full in a single place. In fact, before that date, relatives could share the ashes and place them in separate urns. The price for keeping a funeral urn is variable. If it is kept in a cellar-urn or columbarium, it takes between 700 and 1000 euros according to the municipalities for a period of 30 years. The ashes can also be scattered in the garden of the memory of a cemetery or in full nature. The urn can also be placed in a sepulcher or family vault and in this case cremation will cost as much as a burial. Funeral homes generally include all benefits related to the death of a person in a global rate: administrative procedures, organization and conduct of cremation, placement of the ballot box in the place chosen by relatives or the deceased. For which urn should you choose? There are several types of funeral urns. This may concern the design material or even its shape. Here’s how to choose your funeral urn respecting the rules and the law but also the wishes of the deceased. Although the size of a funerary urn is smaller than a coffin, its choice is no less important. You then have the choice between several characteristics: the size, the material and also the shape. In general, only the appearance is customizable. The ashtray, sealed inside, is mostly metal. Several possibilities are available to you to choose a funeral urn. To choose it, you first have to decide where you want the ash to go … or at least get an idea of it. For both ecological and legislative reasons For example, if it is a columbarium or burial, choose a funerary urn marble, ceramic, porcelain, steel or alabaster. If the urn is to be buried, its material must be degradable.