Three Questions to Know About Polki And Kundan Jewelleries

If one has listened to the stories of the prince and the princess carefully and has dreamt of a royal wedding ceremony, then polki and kundan ornaments are sure of capturing your dream. Kundan and polki jewelleries are not only royal but are extremely elite, and hold the rich heritage of Indian culture. Polki style was introduced in this country by the Mughals whereas the kundan style originated in the state of Rajasthan. The manufacturing process of these ornaments is quite time-consuming and needs excellent skills and artisanship. The art of making these ornaments was introduced thousands of years back at the time of the Mughal era. These jewelleries were worn in those days to enhance the grandeur of the Mughal era. Nowadays, Polki and kundan jewelleries are popular among those who want to get both a regal and traditional look on the days of wedding. Sometimes the real ones become a bit more pricey for some people. But the online stores have brought a great solution to such problems too by introducing the cheaper alternatives of these exclusive ornaments. One gets the same appearance in much lower prices. That is the reason why most of the people are choosing to buy stylish polki bangles online. But be it real or imitation, polki and kundan forms of ornaments need the same skills of craftsmanship. The lines below are going to make the readers understand all about these forms of ornaments. Now, how the Kundan Style differs from Polki Style Jewelleries? Kundan and polki are both the names of the stones used for making jewelleries. Polki style ornaments are made from the unfinished diamonds. Polki stones are actually the uncut diamonds that are mined naturally without any lab creation or enhancement. These forms of ornaments are always in great demands and are highly valued because of the natural forms of these. Polki jewelleries are also a bit more expensive as compared to the kundan ornaments as the kundan ornaments are made from glass stones. If it is sounding costlier for the fashion lovers, then also one need not worry as there are the same looking inexpensive pieces are available now in the market. If one has a desire to adore some polki style bangles but thinks that a pair of it can dig a hole in your pocket then it is not at all true now as one can easily explore the online store for the similar and cheaper alternatives. If one chooses to buy online traditional polki bangles from the range of artificial ornaments then also she can be sure of flaunting the same elegance and glamorous appearance as the real ones. What are the Techniques for making these Intricate forms of Ornaments? The techniques used for making polki and kundan jewelleries are more less same. Uncut or the flat stones are set on the jewelleries using some kind of substances like lac, etc. Polki jewelleries are made with gold or some alternative foils at the back, which have been painted for placing the stones reflecting light. Kundan ornaments are extremely elaborated with multiple layers of intricate works. The underside of the ornaments are enameled. Which Designs of Jewelleries look Amazing in Polka or Kundan? For the wedding day, one can opt for the heavier choker style pieces or the elaborated pieces in polki or kundan. If one does not want something too traditional or heavy then she can just kay her hands on the chandelier shaped polki or kundan earrings and a pretty maangtika. The chandbalis in polki or kundan are the hottest ornament styles of the year that have replaced the much-loved jhumkas. Adore these styles be it the real ones or the imitation pieces to glam up in the event. It’s for sure that no other styles of jewelleries will be able to beat the look and glory of these traditional pieces.