How To Use Crystal Gemstone Healing Wands

Stone age cave paintings depict figures holding wands. Hermes in Greek mythology – Mercury in Roman – holds a wand called a caduceus. In tarot, the Magician holds his double-terminated wand upward, pointing to both the heavens and the earth, teaching us that “as above, so below.” One of the suits of the minor arcana is the suit of wands, representing the creative, fire element of that motto. Curved wands dating back to 2800 BC have been excavated in Egypt. Straight wands seem to have originated in northwestern Europe as a tool for garnering and directing energy. How to use a healing wand: Gemstone healing wands have the added advantage or wooden wands in that they attract and magnify through the qualities of the crystal. Wands that are rounded on one end are ideal as massage tools. The pointed end, if not too sharp, can be used to specifically direct the energy into acupressure points. Some of the crystals that work particularly well in the wand form: amethyst healing wand, rose quartz healing wand and selenite healing wand. If you are looking for a chakra healing wand, you might want to consider a composite wand which is comprised of seven different stones that work on the seven different primary chakras, such as red jasper, orange calcite, yellow jade, serpentine, turquoise, sodalite and amethyst. There are a lot of choices as to gemstones, lengths, width, shape and quality. Avoid wands that have a shattered appearance within the stone. Those were most likely mined with dynamite and will not work well for the purpose of a healing wand. Ideally, you want a wand with one end that is rounded and one end that is pointed. It’s okay if the point has been cut and polished to achieve a perfect point. Choose a wand that is not too heavy or wide for you to hold comfortably. Different shapes serve different purposes. You may want to collect all of the following: six-sided wands, smooth column wand, twisted wand, graduated wand and a composite wand. Healing wands come in many shapes and sizes – and are made of a variety of materials. Many are cylindrical and may or may not be faceted. Often healing wands have a rounded end and a pointed end, though sometimes both ends are rounded or both ends are pointed. You can use natural crystal and/or stone wands to take advantage of the stone’s natural energetic qualities. Different stones have different healing benefits and energies, so you may want more than wand to address different matters. The rounded end of a healing wand is the feminine pole and is receptive in nature. It receives. It draws energy into itself from wherever it is placed on the body. Conversely, the pointy end of a healing wand is masculine and focuses or directs energy from what is stored in the feminine end out towards the place on the body it is placed. Healing wands can be used in more ways than application on people and animals. You can take a piece of paper and on one side write the word for what you want. On the other side write your name or place your photo. Then take your wand and place the feminine side where the word of what you want is written and point the pointed end towards your name or picture. A healing wand can also be used for massage. This is easier on the hands as the wand is held in a grip more natural to the strength of the muscles of human hands. The wand should held so that the point points away from the person being massaged. Only the rounded end should be used for massage. The rounded end will draw out compacted energy where it is used for massage relieving pressure on the nerves from the tight muscles and allowing the muscles the smooth out. You can use the pointed end by holding it slightly above the person’s body. Doing this allows the individual to receive the maximum benefits from the wand’s crystal properties. You can also participate in the healing process. Do this when you yourself feel grounded and positive. Don’t focus attention through the wand if you’re having a bad day or feel fatigued or dealing with an illness. Ask the person you are working on what area they would most like addressed. Touch the area and confirm the location. Then ask what color they are feeling there. Then ask what color seems like the right color to neutralize or improve the feeling in that area. Go ahead and massage the area where the person was holding tightness or pain and it feels loose or at least more relaxed, flip the wand so that the point is about half an inch above the same area imagine the color the person identified as neutralizing or beneficial streaming into wand and focusing through the point and flowing into the needed area.