What Are The Most Important Things To Remember When Using IQOS?

What Are The Most Important Things To Remember When Using IQOS?

These are the four things to remember if you’re just getting started with the original IQOS device by hnb.one.

Note 1 – Remember To Use Your Original Adaptor To Charge The First Time.

However, many users continue to complain that their IQOS does not respond after being charged for a night. For the first charge, make sure to use the original adaptor. You should also avoid using car chargers to charge your IQOS.

Note 2 – Warm First, Then Place In Heat Stick

It is best to not push the heat stick too hard, or rotate it. Otherwise, the heating blade could be bent! The button will heat the item. Next, insert the rest of the heat stick into the heat stick until the silver line on the filter is approximately 1mm. The heat stick should not be inserted vigorously. It is possible that you will not be able to insert the heat stick due to tobacco residue from previous smoking. It is best to clean it or heat it first.

The tobacco in the IQOS holders will build up if they are not cleaned regularly.

Note 3 – Use A Cotton Swab, Or Paper Towel, Instead Of A Cleaning Squeegee, To Clean

To remove the smoke oil, use a cotton swab and a paper towel. To deep clean the heating element, you can use the IQOS antifragment cleaning kit. Use a pad to protect the heating blade and wipe it down with a paper towel.

After heating the IQOS heat stick once, a lot of smoke oil accumulated at the bottom

Note 4: IQOS Maintenance Requires Daily Cleaning

Those who have just switched to heating devices might not know that they must maintain and care for their IQOS, in addition to charging it every night.

Although it may seem complicated, if you only take a few minutes to clean the inside of your holder, you will have completed the basics. Deep cleaning is possible by taking some time each week to clean the holder.

Many new users overlook this important detail. It is important to clean the cap of your holder regularly. You can either pull the cap out and wipe it off, or wash it with water.

How To Use The IQOS

  1. Insert the IQOS holder in the pocket charger to charge both devices simultaneously. It takes about 90 minutes.
  2. Insert a heat stick in a fully charged IQOS holder. Press the button on the side for two seconds to turn on the heating. Make sure the heat stick filter is aligned with the top of the IQOS holder cap to ensure proper installation.
  3. During heating, a green light will flash for 20 seconds as the temperature control chip heats the heat stick to the optimal temperature. The heat stick can be used as soon as the IQOS holder button is solid green.
  4. Take a puff of the heat stick from the filter like you would with a cigarette. Consumers can take 14 puffs of heat stick or 6 minutes, depending on which comes first.
  5. After five minutes, the IQOS holder buttons will change to solid orange to notify you that your experience is over. Once you are done using the IQOS holder, pull it up until it stops. Then, remove the heat stick.
  6. Recharge the IQOS holder by inserting it into the fully charged pocket charging. It can then be used up to 20 times.

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