Make a Style Statement With The Latest Fashion Trends For Men in 2019

Less than a month into the New Year, 2019 is already promising to be spiffy one for men. The year has started off in kick-ass style, by blending the fashion cues of yesteryears with the moods of the current moment. High on attitude, yet extremely wearable, the gentlemen have set the sartorial tone for the coming seasons. So if you are looking to be in style this year, we have the latest fashion trends for men, all chalked out for you. From bold stripes to ’90s throwbacks and ultra-thin sunglasses, the styles coming our way are going to be powerful and striking. So, if you’re in need of a wardrobe revamp, look no further for inspiration and jump right into our round-up of the latest fashion trends for men for 2019. Love those Linen Suits The coming summers will get classy and polished with linen suits. Lightweight, comfortable and breathable, linen is the ideal fabric for the warmer months. Sharp cut linen suits are perfect for a stylish, smart casual look and will be available at all men’s clothing stores. Guys, time to style-up! Printed Shirts over Your Tees That’s right! This one’s a return from the yesteryears and is going to have pride of place in all savvy men’s clothing stores. Donning an oversized shirt over a regular tee is rocking the fashion scene once again. Whether it is stripes, floral, checks or abstract, is your call. Make a Statement with Bold Stripes Stripes will be everywhere. Moving away from the classic pinstripes, they will be thick, bold and bright. Statement stripes in everything you don, from shirts, jackets, to suits and trousers. You decide how strong a statement you want to make. Pick those Pastel Colours Pastel colours are going to make their mark the coming season. Light and bright in the sharp summer sun, colours like light pink, sky blue add a stylish touch to the macho silhouettes and are a superb choice for the elegant modern man. Go choose your pastel colour from the palette. Let the 90’s Nostalgia Take Over 90’s revamped! From bum bags and overalls to windbreakers, iconic trends from the 1990s are doing a phoenix, rising from their ashes and moving to mainstream fashion once again. Of course, these styles will be restyled to the latest fashion trends for men. Let your past catch up with you! Go Hip with Ultra-Slim Sunglasses This trend may have been started by the ladies, but now the men are also all set to look sharp and sleek and make a style statement. Cat eye, oval and rectangle shapes are some of the popular options. Of course, these will also shield your eyes from the sun, while they make you look good! These were some of the latest fashion trends for men. Guys take your cue and get moving and make sure you always bring your fashion A-game to the floor.