Five Tips for Long Lasting Magnetic Eyelashes.

Five Tips for Long Lasting Magnetic Eyelashes.

Those of us with short, stubby, straight, or extra-thin lashes consider eyelash extensions the best beauty invention than mascara. The perfect option for these too eager for extensions or too busy winning the world to swipe on three covers of mascara every day deliberately. Day-long magnetic eyelashes will leave you with full, fluttery, with a more consistent effect. But using falsies and fringy mascara must eventually come to an end after a day leaving you with tried and itchy eyes.

Eyelash extension maintenance is a concept that may sound enticing but is easily manageable as long as you have the best professional-approved tips in the city. To get our facts straight, we have gathered several tips from our professionals to know if there is anything we could do to make our extensions last slightly longer within makeup and touch-ups.

Tip 1: Lighter Magnetic Lashes

The thicker the magnetic eyelash extensions, the heavier they are, and the more they will strip and fall out. It would be best if you always asked your lash specialist for lighter individual lashes around the 0.06 mm range, which will stay on longer than heavier lashes.

Tip 2: Choose Extensions That Resembles with Your Natural Shape of the lashes

Always prefer extensions that are similar to the shape of your natural lashes. If you get extra-curly lashes and your natural lashes are straight, they will fall off early. There’s still hope for straight-lashes, girl. You could use a heated eyelash curler, like on your extensions upward, to amp up the curl.

Tip 3: Avoid Cream application Near Eyes

Your extra-rich night cream may help you wake up with a plethoric complexion, but it’s not doing your lash extensions any kindnesses. Avoid your eye region if you must use heavy nighttime creams. The oils from the cream can break up the bond and cause your lashes to fall out untimely.

Tip 4: Use an Eyelash Sealer in Case of Falsies

Applying an eyelash sealer every morning will keep your falsies in place longer. Try using acrylic and hyaluronic-eye serum to help the extensions adhere and remain healthy, strong, and conditioned.

Tip 5. Don’t Use Waterproof Mascara With Extensions

Though you don’t have to wear mascara once you have extensions, you might sometimes want to add extra intensity to your look. In that case, avoid waterproof formulas at all costs, they’re much harder to remove, and all that tugging is terrible news for the life span of your lash extensions.


Your eyelash extensions draw more attention towards you for your extra dramatic look. Mascara fails to give you a perfect look as it creates a fussy mess around your eyes. For the extra fineness, lash extension is the savior as it seizes your magnificent look for fours. Following these tips by experts, you can save your lashes from falling prematurely. Try using magnetic eyelashes by drama llama, for they have extra fineness and quality so that you can have a flawless look all the time.

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