Establishing Network Connections And Other Fun Things to Do With Ethernet Cables!

No matter how much we dread the cables around us or lack the understanding about their specifications, we love fast technology. And when it comes to transmitting the data smoothly, Ethernet Cables become inevitable. Even if you have spectacled a wireless future in few years, you will definitely come across Ethernet Cables in your day to day life. CAT6 cables as well as the 7 ones are a crucial part of our market and we hear about the launch of 8 category of cables already. Now that we have known how important they are, let us understand what are the ways in these cables help and why is it important to use them. File Sharing Made Easy By now, we all know that even if you have a Wifi connection around you, the wireless networks are not consistent. They’re on and off and as a result, there’s a loss of data several times. Hence, transferring files over Wifi is not always a good idea. On the other hand, when you transfer data using an Ethernet Cable, you would be able to do it with speed and consistency. If your computer’s network supports auto-crossover, it is possible to connect both with the help of a direct cable. Lessen the Cross Talk When it comes to transmitting data at the speed of 1000Mbps, a Crossover Ethernet Cable becomes a must. In a crossover cable, the pairs of sending and receiving data is reverse. You can use these cables to connect one computer with another and create a small network. Also, you can expand it by connecting multiple routers and switches. Better Speeds Whether you use CAT6A cables or any other type of Ethernet Cables, if you have a wired Ethernet, you would be able to have a stronger and faster connection. With an Ethernet cable in place, you can keep the Wifi interferences at bay and transfer data without any stress. It is not fun to run around trying to get the Wifi signal comes back, you know. Indulge into Some Fun! Well just when you thought Ethernet Cables help merely to establish network connections, we have interesting ideas and different perspective in store for you! Let’s say you have had a long day making network connections for your home. Thereafter you can create fancy and colorful bracelets out of your CAT7 or CAT6A cables. How about making a friendship bracelet out of the colorful cables that you have in hands? Wouldn’t that be fun if you could create a unique accessory out of it and gift it to your loved one. Afterall, we should not limit a lifetime warranty to using Ethernet Cables for electronic purposes, should we? You can also go back to your nostalgic childhood moments and make a telephone out of the ethernet cable. All you need to do is punch holes in the bottom of two cups and pass the ethernet wire through it. Thereafter, you can talk for eternity! And how about measuring the strength of your CAT6 cables through a little tug of war game within your corporate premises? Not just that, you would also be able to measure the strength and unity amongst the team of employees. There’s nothing like a good competitive game of Tug of War. A sport that directly puts two or more teams against each other in a test of strength. The teams pull on opposite ends of an Ethernet cable with the goal of bringing the Ethernet cable a certain distance in one direction against the force of the opposing team’s pull. Jokes apart, ethernet cables suffice our purposes in more ways that we can imagine. Search online and you will find plenty of companies that sell CAT5, CAT6 Cables and their enhanced versions at the best prices. Moreover, these cables come with warranty of lifetime. But, before you do that, it is advisable to check out the client reviews and know more about the company through the internet as a lot of companies con their clients into buying bad quality cables. Make sure you choose the best for yourself. Until then, Hasta La vista!