Naturally Effective Tips for Summer Skin Care

The humid summer days come with several skin problems. Pimples, acne, skin infections, tanning and sun burns are some of the biggest issues that worry a lot of people. While ladies are more concerned about maintain their derma’s sheen all the year round, even men do care about the same. So if you are also fed up of these skin irritations and are looking for some effective tips, you must read on the following suggestions. Here are the five effective tips to help you keep your skin fresh and glowing in hot summer days: Bath Well Bathing at least twice a day with an organic soap or herbal liquid will help your skin stay free of germs and impurities. Now, why you must switch to chemical-free substances is important because they do not contain any harsh ingredients. The natural elements like mint, lavender, Aloe Vera and Basil etc. are great for refreshing your body while soothing the daily irritations. You can buy a couple of organic soaps online India at discounted prices to start a healthier habit. It is also important to use a loofa or sponge while taking a shower as it is effective in removing dead skin and accumulated dirt. You may add a few drops of rose water, lemon juice or Neem leaves to the bathing water for curing reducing tanning and curing pimples. Change Your Cosmetics The cosmetics and skin care products that you have been using through the winter are no more useful in the humid season. While you need more oil-based stuff in winter to cure the dryness, your skin needs to stay oil-free in hotter part of the year. Hence, most of your cosmetics must be either water-based or natural. You must also change your regular moisturizing masks with gel-based face packs. The natural Aloe Vera gel is a very good product that can be used for soothing and rejuvenating the tired facial skin every day. You can get a small packing of this gel and store it in your refrigerator. Rose water and mud-packs are also quite appropriate to be used in the warm time of year. Hygiene Care This is one aspect of skin care that most of still fail to follow aptly. Do you know that you actually transfer so many germs to your face by touching it with unclean hands all day round? This is a very common habit that leads to agitate skin and health problems. So you must buy a hand sanitizer and use it before and after eating and several other times to keep your hands clean. Moreover, you also must carry a set of wet wipes with you for cleaning the sweat on face and body as using the same hanky again and again is not a good practice. Increase Your Fluid Intake This is a suggestion that comes from everywhere-doctors, beauty experts, gym instructors etc. Actually, the fluid intake helps our system stay hydrated and that result in a clear skin. However, it is not essential to just sip plain water all the time. You can try different flavors of green tea or add some refreshingly fresh ingredients to water – lemon juice, honey, glucose and rose syrup to name a few. Organic beauty and care will help your stay beautiful inside out!