How to Choose the Right Deodorant for Your Skin?

With the huge variety of deodorants on the market choosing the right one for you can be tricky. Besides all the pricey brands on offer there are rows and rows of affordable cheap deodorant brands on the market as well. How do you know which one is best for you? One way you could go about finding the right one is to try all of them out starting with the one in the cool packaging or the one that your friend uses. Unfortunately, if you go this route you are more likely to end up with a pile of fragrances that you can’t stand to smell after you’ve spent way more than you should on all of them. Why most of us need deodorant Sweat – a bodily function that we can’t avoid just like breathing. When your body temperature is higher than usual your brain sends messages to your sweat glands to release water that will have a cooling effect on your body. On its own sweat is a liquid with no noticeable smell, however once it mixes with the bacteria on your skin or environment things change. The armpit also secretes certain proteins and carbohydrates that when mixed with sweat and bacteria create that stench we are all embarrassed of and could live without. With the right skin care and deodorant you can live without it. Lucky for some, they don’t actually have to live with it because their armpits don’t produce any odour. That’s right! According to a study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, some people are genetically unable to produce under-arm odour but still follow the social norms of using deodorant out of habit. If you are one of those odourless people you really don’t have to use deodorant. But before you diagnose yourself as odourless you may want to get others opinions first because just like bad breath, sometimes you can’t tell when your armpits need to be freshened up. What to ask yourself before buying Do you sweat a lot? If you do, join the majority of the world. Also when choosing a deodorant you want to go for one with antiperspirants in it. These types are designed to decrease the amount of sweat excreted by your sweat glands. Do your armpits itch? If you find that you get itchy armpits or a slight rash from different fragrances then you probably have sensitive skin and should go for something more suited to your skin type like Sanex Dermo Sensitive. Most deodorants contain alcohol and antibacterial ingredients that could your irritate the skin so make sure you check the list of ingredients before you buy. Spray or roll-on? This usually drills down to personal choice however roll-on is generally more effective as it is applied directly to the skin. If you prefer to keep hairy armpits you may want to avoid roll-on and stick to sprays because it tends to cake on hair strands and you hair could easily get caught in the roller ball. Strong or mild scent? Lastly you need to decide which type of scents you like best. If you have no idea where to start visit a perfume stand and speak to a trained consultant about the different scents – don’t be shy to try out the test bottles as well. Also, if you use perfume you may not need a scented deodorant so choose wisely.