A Brief Guide to Mystic Spray Tan

Mystic tan is the latest fad in the line of artificial tanning methods and many consider it as one of the most innovative and effective ways of spray tan. People those who live in colder climates always hanker after a sun-kissed bronzy look and mystic spray tan can provide them with their desired complexion without causing any harmful side-effects. This method of artificial tanning has been gaining in popularity due to a lot of advantages associated with it. Mystic tan is a one of a kind tanning process that is devoid of UV rays that make one’s skin look untimely aged, wrinkled and lifeless. It leaves users with nothing but a radiant yet dark and rich tan that lasts longer than any other method can possibly do and the quality of the tan is way better than other ways like tanning bed or lotions or gels. Mystic tan leaves one with an even tan all over the body. Its fast and simple application leaves one with head to toe coating of bright tan without any streaky lines, patches or blotches. Gone are the days when people had complaints for unwanted orange tones, the concept of indoor tanning has come a long way and with the advent of mystic spray tan the technique has almost reached the level of perfection. To cater to the increasing keenness of the users, a myriad of tanning salons has come into being in the city of London. The staffs of the salon are well-experienced and adept at carrying out a flawless session of mystic spray tan. The instructions given by these professionals are of utmost importance and crucial to the success of the session. So a user is better off going by these strict guidelines to the syllable to achieve her much longed-for golden brown tone. Most of the high-end salons provide their clients with a barrier cream to protect their nails and palms and a hair cap to save hair from the penetration of the mystic tanning mist. The rest of the body remain bare on front of the tanning booth but as the entire process is very brisk it takes only minutes to apply all over the body. During the session of mystic spray tan one needs to stand upright in front of the tanning machine and turn the green button on to activate the machine. This automated machine would then start spraying the tanning mist on its own. It takes 15 seconds each to cover both sides of the body and once it is done the tanning solution would start to dry up and within 15 minutes the entire body gets completely dry. In case of any excess body remaining on one’s body, a dry towel is provided by the salon to pat it off. The tanner needs to keep in mind that rubbing would lead unwanted streaky lines so a gentle pat would do. Even though mystic spray tan produces the best tanning results ever, but just like any other method it has its own set of draw backs as well. The tanning booth is not quite ideal for those who suffer from claustrophobia as they might feel suffocated. All tanning salons don’t offer barrier cream and this often results in funny looking tones on palm and feet. A session of mystic tan is not is somewhat expensive and if one wants to continue this all year long along with all the after and before caring measures, she needs to shell out a lot more than other procedures. But, mystic spray tan is by far still the best option for people who want a healthy glowing tan without any compromising with money.