4 Money Saving Tips on Online Cosmetic Purchases

Traditionally, women have gone to makeup counters or drugstores to purchase their makeup and beauty products. However, with the rising popularity of online shopping, more and more women are turning to online retailers to buy their beauty loot. While buying cosmetics online, there are a few things to remember to ensure that you get the best deal for your money. Instead of just searching for “best buy cosmetics” and buying the first thing you see, follow this guide on how to buy cosmetics online. Follow Beauty Blogs For Deals – Follow beauty blogs or join beauty forums to get the latest notifications about deals and steals online. The difference between buying online versus buying in person is that online retailers offer far more sales and specials. Online retailers also offer promotion and coupon codes, many of which can be used to score samples and freebies. Join Rewards Clubs – Most online beauty stores offer members’ clubs where frequent shoppers can rack up points for every dollar spent. Points can be exchanged for deluxe samples, gift certificates and more. A lot of beauty retailers also offer members fun perks on their birthdays, in addition to occasional friends and family sales. Buy in Bulk – To cut down on shipping costs, try to buy a lot of products at once instead of one at a time. All online retailers offer free shipping when you hit a certain price point and this is a great way to save money in the long run. Furthermore, a lot of online beauty retailers will offer a gift with purchase for a certain amount spent. This is why it’s definitely better to do big hauls instead of buying everything in small purchases. Know The Policy on Returns and Exchanges – Hopefully you’ll love your new beauty loot. However, any cosmetics junkie knows that sometimes a color isn’t what you expected or just doesn’t work for you. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the retailer’s policy on returns and exchanges before you buy anything. That way, you’ll know your options if you aren’t totally satisfied with your new beauty haul. Buying cosmetics online is a great way to stretch your dollar and get extra free samples and perks. As long as you follow these tips and shop smartly, you’ll reap the benefits of this great way to grow your beauty collection.