How To Style Your Shirts For Women

When you think of your button-downs hanging in your closet, you usually think of them as basics or mostly as workwear. And if we notice, all these basic button-down usually come in neutral or muted colors and paired with formal bottoms or denims make up for an effortless yet polished look. But how do you stand out from the crowd then? Especially considering the workplace where shirts for women are a staple and you see almost everybody wearing button downs. You have got to reflect your personality and taste even with wearing the staple outfit worn by everyone. Another basic option every girl should have in their wardrobe is an alluring top that goes well for your last minute night outs or date nights, when you need to look your best to get the right attention. Pick something that suits your body type and is elegant yet chic to make you look just perfect for your occasion shirts for womenshirts for women A well tailored shirt, be it in any colour, is one thing that becomes an essential in every girl’s wardrobe. This would work even better if it’s in soothing pastel shades as the colour would add that fun factor to the look without taking away from the powerful impact the top makes. You have to find unique ways to pair your usual shirts for women with different bottoms to create different interesting looks that catch eyeballs and make your stand out from the crowd. Even if you’re pairing them in the same usual ways, there are some quirks, opr styling tips if you may call it, that you can follow to convert your basic everyday outfits into something to look out for. Follow these styling hacks if you want to nail your shirts or button downs at work or even at a girl’s night out after work. Tuck-in your button down for an sporty-chic look. It’s probably the most common way to wear it but continues to remain fabulous and never gets old! No matter what the bottom is, tucking in can lead to a sophisticated and classy look. A great twist to a conventional tuck-in is half tuck-in. It means tucking-in the front and leaving the rest of it. It makes up for a cool chic look. This looks perfect when you’re wearing denims. Tying-up your button down for a uber-cool look is a great way to spice up everyday basic outfits. It lets you accentuate the body figure. You can even add a belt to it. Try layering your shirt with a crop t-shirt which is half sleeved. It adds fun to the outfit and is better than just a boring shirt and bottom sometimes. This will also give you ways to style your same solid shirts in different styles. Don’t limit your shirts for women to only denims and pants. Pair them with different kinds of bottoms like skirts, culottes and shorts. Pair with a skirt for a flirty look, with shorts for a casual hanging out with friends look and culottes for a polished yet casual look.