How To Make Yourself Look Like A Bohemian Man

Bohemian fashion for men and women is up for grabs on all online websites and shops. Bohemian fashion is on the top choices of everyone where people want to dress relaxed and comfortable rather than tight-fitted clothes that don’t let you move freely. Mens bohemian clothing is trending with market filling with a myriad of options like printed patterned shirts, loose trousers, canvas bags and accessories and leather boots. Let’s look at wat to shop from mens bohemian clothing and how to style yourself in order to dress bohemian and look like a bohemian man! mens bohemian clothingmens bohemian clothing No wonder men look dapper in suits, but gone are the days when they can be worn to every occasion and make a statement. In today’s scenario if a man steps out in a suit on a sunday brunch, there is no way fashion police is going to spare hi. And when the fashion world for men is changing, why can men do that easily is the question. Since forever men have complained about women having more wardrobe and outfit options and so now is the time for men to throw all that was old and have some new add-ons to give them an all new look. A look fit for every occasion and day. No more you have to pick out that same old boring collar t-shirt and a pair of denims to every event other than formal. The fashion industry is now booming with trends for men that have seen a new high in the market. Shirts with cuban prints, hawaiian prints, prints that shout of vacation and resort wear out and loud are the ones that have been most picked up. Shirts with botanical prints in contrasting hues are what men can wear with a pair of chinos or shorts to complete their holiday relaxed look. Prints are a bohemian’s much prized love and it’s hard for a true bohemian fashion lover to resist a good print. A printed scarf added to your outfit can do wonders and can immediately transform your look into a bohemian one. As far as accessories for men are concerned, a bohemian man would love wearing long chains, lots of rings, and also nose and septum rings to reflect the unconventionality. Bohemian men love their floral prints. They are their favorite patterns and a loose resort shirt in a good floral print is your key to nailing the bohemian look. Give your formal boots some rest and try chappals and slider footwear for a change to complete the relaxed bohemian look. Don’t shy away from using hats. A good hat can save your outfit and can complete the perfect bohemian look for a man. Let’s talk about hairstyles. Man buns and long hair are a bohemian staple because they signify unconventionality and not conforming to norms as men are usually expected to have short trimmed hair. In bottoms, ripped denims, relaxed harem pants, relaxed trousers are the way to dress bohemian,You can also fold your pants for an even more bohemian touch to you overall outfit.