Make Your Kids Creative With The Art And Craft Books

Father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi once said “Today the Gita is not only my Bible or my Quran, it is more than that-it is my mother”. Books are always an inspiration to the great men of every country. They imbibe strong and ethical values inside a person. They have a strange ability to take the person to such a place where he or she cannot even dare to dream. In the past a number of books have been responsible for bringing out the leadership quality inside a person. The quench for thirst only stops at that time when the person gets a drop of water in his or her throat; in the same way the quest for knowledge completes at that time when a person gets to read the book of his desired field. Apart from well designed furniture and printed curtains, books also play a vital part in the decor of a room. A book shelves filled with books add ornamental value. When kids start their journey on the road to attaining education he or she is either made to read picture or graphic books initially. Reading picture books in the initial stages has a lot of benefits. Children understand the fact that text is generally read from left to right. Various illustrations of images and the texts below them help the kids to understand that there is a relationship between them. The pictures of devils, superheroes and monsters stimulate the imagination of kids. Art and craft books are a must read for children of all ages. Art Books enable a child to learn and develop new skills. Motor skills such as the way of holding a colour crayon, holding a paint brush and cutting lines with scales help a child to get associated with the learning process. They also help an individual to make decision. Kind of colour that is to be used in a particular place helps to develop the decision making skill. Visual learning contributes a lot to the learning process of a kid. For instance: a toddler can easily operate a tablet or a smart phone. This shows that children are more reactive to graphical images. Art books often encourage the kids to colour a character according to their own choice; this creates a sort of innovation inside them that is very helpful in their future life. Puzzle Books are quite popular among the kids and they just love to solve them. They are the best option for time pass as well as for entertainment. In this world of technological games, puzzles are a great way to drive away monotonousness. A very interesting fact about these books is that it is very helpful for people suffering from dyslexia. They help a child not only to improve his or her concentration but also incorporate problem solving capacity skills inside their minds. These books hence, can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Classic Books include master pieces of literature that has touched the society in one way or the other. These books can be read by people of almost every country as they include topics like death, life, hate, love that teaches an individual some basic values and principles of life. Some of the stories are crafted by the author where as some of them are written on the basis of vivid imagination. Children can read classic books like Mahabharata, the Sanskrit epic which will give them a brief idea about ancient India.