Harry Potter Author’s Search for the Silence

We have a new JK Rowling book inside bookshops at this instant While using the ficticious name Robert Galbraith as a debut novel The Cuckoo’s Calling was a limited success after the book’s April 2013 introduction. The story plot follows a private eye, the inimitable Cormoran Strike as he investigates the apparent suicide of a famous model. Lula Landry was a global success. She acquired fame, wealth, even a musician partner. Her dead body is discovered outside of her residence having fallen to her demise from the balcony. Her death is judged a suicide. 3 months later, Cormoran Strike is approached by Lula’s foster younger brother John Bristow to check into the alleged suicide. Strike doesn’t necessarily want to take this kind of much talked about job which he believes was initially explored completely to start with. Having credit card bills piling up, no new work around, Strike agrees to review the case of Lula’s death. With the help of his new secretary Robin Ellacott, he dives into the devious realm of the glitterati, encountering Artists, Rockers, in addition to Designers while he attempts to piece together the end days of Lula Landry’s life and as a result figure out the girl’s cause of death. The Cuckoo’s Calling is really a significant departure from JK Rowling’s previous writing. Having found stunning success from the Harry Potter kids book series, Rowling goes into the very tricky genre of mature crime fiction. Rowling’s skills as a writer are unquestionably noticeable through the story, because of the interesting heroes, sophisticated storyline changes, and a final revelation which stuns the reader JK Rowling had zero wish to divulge her identity as author of book, having gone to great measures to protect her anonymity and enable the story to join the writing industry with no expectations and comparison to her past works. Her identity was initially blown after a worker for her literary legal representatives mentioned her name to an acquaintance who actually delivered this news on Twitter before a Sunday Times article published the news to the world. Sales of the book boomed the moment Rowling had been revealed to be the author, and it then jumped towards the head among best seller charts. Most of the feedback regarding the novel have most certainly been overwhelmingly favourable. Rowling has revealed the fact that she intends to continue authoring the series. Rowling has explained that the 2nd publication from the collection is completed and happens to be scheduled for a 2014