How do you select sleeping bags for babies?

How do you select sleeping bags for babies?

If you’re currently preparing the crib for your new baby, you’re spending a lot of time browsing department stores or browsing online catalogs. You’ve probably seen a few child sleeping bags if this is the case.Sleeping bags got designed according to the child’s age, and it’s essential to put a child in an enormous sleeping bag. If the sleeping bag is too huge, the child may be able to wriggle even more within and become stuck. Although you can buy sleeping bags, most parents choose to wait until their baby is a few weeks old before moving on from blankets. Younger babies love blankets because they want to feel comfortable and nestled. Your child must get ready to attempt a sleeping sack around six weeks in the baby sleeping bag.

How to know which tog to use?

You should have a couple of tog alternatives in your baby’s size so that you can put him in the sleeping bag for the temperature. Your togs will be determined by your local climate as well as the season. Always check the room temperature where your baby sleeps since this will help you choose the appropriate tog. Keep the following suggestions in mind at all times:

  • 5 to – 24 degrees Celsius or higher
  • One tog – 21 – 23 degrees celsius
  • 5 tog – 18–20 degrees celsius
  • 16 – 17°C – 2.5 togs plus one blanket

Always have a room thermometer check the temperature before deciding which sleeping bag to use each night. Placing your palm on your baby’s abdomen during the night will allow you to monitor his temperature. He requires a lower tog if his belly is hot to the touch. Do not try to determine his temperature by touching his hands or feet, as these are usually significantly cooler.

Safe usage of sleeping bags

The proper use of sleeping bags is critical to their safety. Avoid these things at all costs:


Never use a quilt to cover a sleeping bag for a baby since it puts the baby at risk of overheating.

Sleeping bags that do not fit properly

To prevent your infant from slipping down into the sack during the night, make sure you choose the correct size sleeping bag.

An advantage of baby sleeping bag is that they keep babies from kicking off their blankets in the middle of the night. The sleep of the baby may get disrupted by sudden temperature fluctuations. However, some babies may feel overheated in their sleep and wake due to the restriction of this flexibility.

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